When I save a composition as a .WAV file the metronome and count-in are not included.

• Aug 10, 2014 - 23:27

When I save a composition as a .WAV file, or any of the audio file types, the metronome and count-in are not included.

I couldn't find any information on the metronome features, so perhaps this was not part of the requirements.

Background for the need…

Our church choir has some original compositions. However the members are mostly elderly, mostly can't read music, and mostly uncomfortable with computers. So I wanted to distribute an audio CD of the voice parts so they can rehearse at home. With a voice track there can be a lot of measures with nothing happening. Without a metronome and a count-in our choir members will find it difficult to use.

My clumsy workaround is to connect my computer line-out to the line-in port, play the composition in MuseScore with metronome and count-in turned on, and record the result in Audacity.

I’m using MuseScore Nightly-2014-08-10-0314-a3b24dd on Windows 8.1 Update.

I apologise in advance if I've posted this in the wrong place. I was not sure whether this was a bug report or feature request.

Cheers, Greg.


Add a single percussion line to your score and choose something like wooden block (for the metronome). On this percussion staff, fill in one measure with quarter notes, then copy/paste (or use 'R') for the rest of the score.
The wav file generated will then include this 'metronome'.


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Yes, this will certainly work, but two things:
1. It means I need to keep two versions of each composition, one without the wooden block for printing and the other with the wooden block for creating the audio track. I will need to keep both versions updated as the composition changes over time or recreate the second copy each time there is a change to the score. This is not out of the question, but is a bit of a nuisance.
2. Version 2 of MuseScore has a built-in metronome that can be turned on and off during playback. I was hoping that this functionality was intended to include exporting to an audio track.

So the real question is whether the metronome feature was intended to be an option for exported audio tracks. Right now in version 2 it can be turned on and off for playback on the Play Panel (F11). It even includes a toggle for a one bar count-in, which is rather neat. However I can't see any user interface for turning the metronome on/off when exporting to an audio file.

One other thing I noticed: I can't see any option for changing the volume of the metronome. At the moment it rather overpowers the instrument.

Thanks and cheers, Greg.

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For MuseScore 1.3:
You can keep one copy with the percussion metronome. Make any future changes to that score and save. When it comes time to print, delete the percussion (Create / Instruments / Remove). When you're done printing, close the score (without saving) and the 'metronome' will be placed back into the score.

As far as the pre-release (nightly build 2.0) is concerned, you can make a feature request if what you want is not yet supported. In a teaching/learning environment your request - to actually record the metronome- makes perfect sense.

Also, for learning choir parts, you could record at a lower volume for the other parts (so they can still be heard in the background during passages with rests - no metronome needed).

Regards, and welcome aboard.

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