Violin Issue

• Aug 22, 2019 - 21:54

In a large score (15 mins currently) I am working on, the violin sound is very delayed and either sounds terrible or is inaudible in 16th note runs. It is, however, perfectly fine in another test score I made using only violin. Is this an issue with the score being too big? It sounds exactly the same when I upload it to the website, in case that matters. I would really appreciate help if this can be fixed; it really sounds quite awful and ruins the entire piece.

Attachment Size
Suite_No._2_in_A_Minor.mscz 364.67 KB


Did you upload the right piece? This one seems right to me. But you may have a piece in which the violin sound is set to "Slow Violin Expr" instead of the regular "Violin Expr". If so, go to View / Mixer to change it.

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