How do I insert a note between existing notes in an existing measure?

• Aug 23, 2019 - 02:17

The software doesn't want to allow me to insert a new note, even when there is time for it.

In the attached file, I would like to add a C quarter note after the first note in the second full measure.

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Robin, ActI,Sc.1.mscz 15.92 KB


The problem is that somehow you changed the default length of several measures. Sometims this happens when in note entry mode you press accidentaly the Ctrl key when inserting a note. You can realize the length has been changed because somewhere close to the end of the measure you can see a + or - sign.

You can fix it right-clicking on a free part of the anomalous measure and choosing measure properties from the contextual menu, and then changenthe actual length to be equal to the nominal length. Not sure if you may lose some notes, so be careful, keep a backup copy just in case. Good luck with your recovery!

I've looked again at your example and it may be bit more complicated since measures 2 and 3 appear to be a single one (you cannot select only one of them, I don't fully understand why but may be the score is corrupt). To prevent losing information you can insert two normal empty measures after measure 1, copy the content of measures 2 and 3 and paste it into the empty staves. When done, just erase completely the anomalous measures with Ctrl+Del. With the anomalous measures bearing a - sign it seems safe to select them and do as said in my earlier comment, since only a rest will be appended. May be you need to touchup things a bit since some unintended rests will appear.

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