Problem with "End repeat"

• Aug 24, 2019 - 16:11

Let's say I need to enter "end repeat" in some bar, but by mistake I double-click "double barline" icon (or any other barline icon). Then when I double-click "end repeat" icon, it does not replace already entered barline. Only when I remove a barline I can enter "end repeat" (or "end start repeat" properly).


I have run across the same bug as you, but I can't figure out how to reproduce it on demand. I don't usually work with parts already generated, but in helping people I often run across scores with parts, so this may be the cause. Do you have parts generated for your score?

I have a 3.2.3 version, and there is no problem for a newly created file. The problem file was created in 2017 in Musescore 2, I guess. So, I attached the copy where I get the problem.

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Double-click "double barline" icon. It appears. Then double-click "end repeat" icon, it does not appear. But when you click "Save" "end repeat" appears. So, it is somewhere there, but the view is not updated, I guess.

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