Video of scores

• Aug 25, 2019 - 16:56

Hi Peoples; - I have scores, (Open SATB + Organ). I am trying to produce visual aid vids for choir practices.
These scores print out to acceptable status for normal use with two systems per side of paper.

Problems with respect to procuring video; -

In Page view - the opening page is not tracked sufficiently - subsequent pages work fine - the travelling highlight bar tracks the upper system and rewrites to the lower system as desired, then on to next (page) upper system...
but the opening (first) page, on completion of the upper system fails to rewrite to the lower system?

In Contiuous View the Sop line is OK but A,T & B staves are obscured by overlap of text & dynamics.
Any suggestions please? (to remove the header on the opening page would invoke to may problems)!


I'm not understanding the first problem, might be clearer if you attached a score and steps to reproduce the problem.

Regarding the second, MuseScore does not currently do full automatic placement when in continuous view. If you need more space between staves, add a spacer.

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