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Please do not reply to this with an automated email I did not sign up for this subscription based service and feel wronged that I have been charged $49 for something I will not gain ANYTHING from! Please get back in contact with me regarding this!

I have an account, made by a simple click quest, I have no recollection of signing up to any paid service here, I have no intention of using anything from this site.


There is no paid account here on musescore.org. There is at the .com online score sharing platform.
You can try contacting support@musescore.com, but their refund policy seems to be quite strict.

Also do note that even there, they didn't magically guess your credit card details; you entered them when signing up for the free trail period and apparently didn't end the subscription you then started. See also https://help.musescore.com/hc/en-us/articles/209540009-Subscription-Can…

Please do not post stuff that is related to musescore.com here on musescore.org.
There is no Pro account here, but there's one there, here everything is free.

If you didn't sign up there, how did they get at your credit card data?

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You are aware that both Paypal as well as Bank/Card companies state that you should never share your card details? It's because when the account authorizes something, it means you do…

Here on the forums you can get help with using the free notation software, but accounts and subscriptions should be handled entirely by the musescore.com team. I'm not quite sure why they directed you here..

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I never have shared my card details, my computer (or just chrome) automatically saves the details for faster purchase times in the future, all it takes is one teenager wanting to play minecraft music and me leaving my computer for 10 minutes and it's all over for me
I just wonder why a charge of $49 would not come with a warning the day before the "free" trial runs out, seems like a business model designed to entrap those who might make one foolish decision or two

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I believe upon renewal of the yearly subscription (which is the $49) a warning is sent out 1 month prior. For the monthly subscription should be sent out 1 week prior.
As the free trail is only 7 days, the mail should be sent the moment you sign up (where this is mentioned?).

Making it so that anyone can "foolishly" use your paypal if your computer is often used by the random teenager, I also get the arguments of the other party claiming that that responsibility falls entirely onto you.

Although I agree on that point, and perhaps a suggestion to the .com team could be just that; to have them sent out a notification on the day prior to the last day of the free period; to still allow you to cancel.

Hello pogpogpog,
I have had a Pro account for several years but a week ago I wanted to create a second one under a different identity to see the procedure currently used.
First observation: MuseScore.com directs you more easily to a pro account than to a basic account, a little more complicated to find.
Then, the explanations given at the time of registration for a free trial period are VERY CLEAR.
For this free trial you are required to provide your bank details and you are informed several times that if you do not cancel within a week your account will be debited. A week: difficult to forget with such a short time!
So I went all the way, got my free trial period and cancelled without any problem shortly afterwards. PayPal notified me by email twice: at registration and cancellation.
I think next time you'll be more careful but in this case I don't see what you can blame MuseScore.com for

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Which in itself is rather strange: such a contract (if the automatic "prolongation" can be even considered as a legally binding contract) woud be considered an "online purchase" and those have, according to european community consumer laws, a guaranteed one-month return policy (where the purchaser only has to pay for the services used so far).

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