Text frames Question

• Sep 7, 2019 - 19:23

One thing irritates me and I have just noticed that it is already the same with the current version 3.2. In earlier versions, a frame with handles appeared when I marked a text box. With these handles I could increase or decrease the amount of space the text takes. This possibility seems to have disappeared recently. What is the reason and is the same now possible in a different way?


Maybe you confuse a vertical frame and a text frame? The latter sizes according to its content, the former needs you to size it. Text frames are new in MuseScore 3

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Im sure that there have been this handles in earlier MuseScore 3 versions, e.g. with the tile text field. I have often used them to decrease the amount of space the title required for instance to have the score fit on less pages. The benefit of this was that I had not to change the size of the Title and did not have to tweak other settings.

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