'Selected Playback' Feature

• Sep 10, 2019 - 22:13

One feature that would be very useful in Musescore is the ability to have a selected playback feature, similar to what is in Sibelius.

When working on a score, I find it tedious to f10 into the mixer, then solo each instrument I want to hear, change the notes around, then f10 again in the mixer to un-solo said instruments, so that i can hear my changes in relation to the whole score. This process makes it difficult and clunky to switch between playback among only a few instruments to then playback of the entire score

It would be much quicker and easier to have a feature where I can highlight the staves I wish to hear, and when starting playback, only hear the staves I have selected; to then hear the entire score, i simply unselect those staves.

To any devs, or even people savvy with creating plugins for musescore, this feature would definitely be great, if not as a main feature, as a plugin


I believe it's already implemented, just waiting on a way to enable it (eg, maybe it will be Shift+space to kick off that mode, or something else).

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