Playback one measure at a time

• Sep 11, 2019 - 06:03

Couldn't find any reference in the forums. Has any thought been given to a step playback option where you could play an entire measure from the current point in the score and then stop at the beginning of next measure. You could then do it again so you hear full measures one by one, instruments and voices together if you do not silence them as you would in continuous playback. Feature should follow jumps and repeats so you could diagnose errors in these not just go to the next measure on the score as would happen if you did note-by-note across the score with the arrow keys. So maybe a toggle key that you could select to have continuous playback (current operation) or the step by step playback mode.


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I think loop mode is good for a broader selection and if I understand you need to mark the start and stop measures. Then that is all that is played. My request would just play a measure and stop at next measure where you would just click play again or there could be a keyboard shortcut. So as simple as one click over and over to hear measures one at a time. Of course you can do this with current playback but you need to click the stop playback arrow and then click to resume or use the space bar. Works okay on slow pieces but not very accurate on very fast tempos. So if the modification is easy then maybe its worth it. If not, just keep tapping the space bar.

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