Asio? Jack audio? What's the best for low latency and being able to use other audio apps?

• Sep 15, 2019 - 14:43

Until now, I was using Direct sound or whatever driver with lots of latency with Musescore, because I really need to use other apps - either to listen to mp3 or wave or even youtube - while I'm notating. Thing is, I really love Asio as I reduce latency significantly and - maybe it's just psycological - the sound seems better. But, as Musescore doesn't release the driver while in background, I get either lots of crackling and pops in other Asio driven apps, or doesn't work at all.

When I was running Linux, I did use Jack Audio with satisfactory results. Is this still a thing? Even on Windows? What is best to use?

Thanks in advance.


Trying different settings... Somehow, Musescore resets my interface sample rate to 44.1 each time I load it. That's a bummer. And if I change the sample rate, playback stops working. I can't believe I'm stuck with MME or direct sound...

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