Playback commands "global"

• Sep 15, 2019 - 16:16

I use a dual display system. When I'm writing for orchestra, I have in one monitor the score, and in the other the mixer. Sometimes, I need to solo (or mute) certain instruments. But when I'm working in the mixer, space bar for play/pause doesn't work. I need to click on the score window, pause it, return to the mixer, solo and mute whatever I need, return to the score, play it.... It seems like the space bar command in the mixer doesn't do much and this could save a lot of time.

Also, would be great if there was a bit more advanced playback control. Like, play from the same spot where we've started playback last time, or at least the option to define a start point - right now it's only either where we've stopped, or the beginning, some other place we have to go and click on the score. Also, the ability to navigate in the score and hear the chord where the cursor is - I think someone already suggested step-by-step playback in the past.


Space works for me after using the Mixer if I hit Esc first to return focus to the score (this still leaves the Mixer open). Offhand I don't see an obvious reason not to support Space with the focus in the Mixer as well, although from what I know about how the shortcuts work, it might not be possible to do this without also making Space affect the score in other windows where that key needs to function normally. If nothing else, the "Name" field in the Mixer needs to be able to work with Space.

As for starting at a fixed place, the loop command does allow for that, I sometimes use it that way. This also works (somewhat crudely) to give playback of a single chord - select a range of that chord in loop mode to set the loop points.

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