Option to keep in the same spot when changing voices in note entry mode

• Sep 15, 2019 - 20:53

I tend to write vertically, not horizontally, so I find it really annoying that changing the voice you're using while in Note Entry mode moves the selection back, and moving it forward back to its previous position changes the voice again. The only way out of this loop is by leaving Note Entry mode.

An option to disable this behavior would be really appreciated.

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I agree this is annoying, seem like a bug, really, not something there should be an option for.

But FWIW, the quick workaround is to use Alt+Up/Down to navigate voices. That is, instead of Ctrl+Alt+1 (or the toolbar button) to switch to voice 1, press Alt+Up. If there is a place to enter a note, it will take it. If not, it will back up only as far as necessary, and the voice then "sticks" if you need to cursor forwards.

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