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• Sep 15, 2019 - 22:21

I'm sure it's possible to select a measure in a score show cue notes (small notes typically indicating another part). I think I've done this before but can't locate the procedure in the online manual.


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I have a piece where I have 14 bars that are notation only, no chord changes. I wanted cue notes and without noticing I selected small "chords" rather than "notes". The notes were made smaller and I went on.

After reading this I went back and checked and I saw that I had selected "chords" rather than notes so I added small "notes". The notes became even smaller.

I then deselected "chords" and the notes changed size again, getting larger.

Question: Should selecting chords when there are no changes change the size of the notes?

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"Chord" in this context doesn't mean "chord symbol", it's the term for the collection of notes on a single stem. It's what you want to use in making cues notes, otherwise you get small noteheads but full size stems. The "Small" setting in the "Notes" section is only for making one single notehead within a chord small e.g., to mark one note as being optional, perhaps a harmony part, etc).

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