Second volta is truncated.

• Sep 17, 2019 - 01:37

I am entering a score with a repeat that ends with both a first and second volta, each with two measures. The Measure following the second volta is the beginning of another repeat. The printed score I am following has a system break (new line) at the second measure in the second volta and thus the second volta ends with a double bar line and the next line measure begins with a begin repeat. This is how I entered into Musescore but since I could not reduce the stretch enough the line with the voltas was stretched out and did not look good. So I moved the break after the voltas and when I did the second volta end measure was now in the middle of a line. However, the second volta truncated and and shrunk to cover only one measure. The second measure of the second volta was not under the volta and that measure then ended with a new repeat line. This all plays correctly as the measure not under the second volta still plays after the single measure second volta but the score does not look correct with a mid line transition. I could stretch the volta line graphically but it is still only anchored to one measure.

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