Choice of clef for concert bass drum

• Sep 19, 2019 - 03:44

Hi. When assigning a staff to concert bass drum, it seems the only choice of clef available is bass clef. Is there a way to change it to percussion clef (2 parallel vertical lines in the middle of the staff)? Concert bass drum is listed under "unpitched percussion," so I'm wondering why it defaults to an implied pitched clef.




It doesn't for me. Do you by chance have a custom instruments.xml file selected in Edit / Preferences / Score? Or are you using a score created originally by a very old version of MuseScore, or imported from some other program that set things up that way?

If you are still having difficulty, please attach your score so we can investigate further.

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Thanks for responding, Marc.

This was a new score produced in version, Revision: d2d863f

The Preferences info shows this: :/data/instruments.xml

In any case, it's now a moot point regarding this particular project. For logistical reasons, the concert bass drum part will be played as a sample by one of the keyboard players in the pit orchestra. But for the future, it would be good to know what caused this problem and how to fix it.

Thank again.


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