When exporting to audio file allow metronome to be included

• Aug 12, 2014 - 12:56

I have two request for additional functionality in the metronome feature:

1. When using playback (View\Play Panel F11) include a volume control for the metronome.

2. When exporting to an audio file, such as FLAC or WAV provide these options:
a. toggle for metronome
b. toggle for count-in
c. volume slider for metronome.

Version 2 has added a playback option (View\Play Panel F11) to turn a metronome on/off and an option to add a metronome count-in. This is fantastic for choir rehearsals, particularly a capella.
However the church choir I'm in includes many elderly members who are not comfortable with technology and who can't read music. It would be fantastic to be able to add a metronome track when exporting to audio files. I can then burn CDs for the choir members to use for at-home rehearsals.

The volume slider is needed as the metronome at present rather overpowers the voice.

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Please allow me to second this request. I have a song where the only thing I've entered into MuseScore is a melody part. It starts with an eight bar rest. I'd like to send an audio file of this to a friend so he can practice without my guitar accompaniment. Counting a part that starts out with rests without a metronome is impossible.



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Apparently, I have two accounts in this forum. How the heck did I do that? So sorry. I am the same as Bill Fox1. Perhaps my use of multiple browsers got me into this pickle...

Any way, I ended up adding a woodblock to the score to use as a metronome. It's not as elegant as having the feature request fulfilled but it got the job done.

Yes, putting a metronome track manually is a good way to go for specialpurposes like these. It also allows you to have the metronome stop in certain palces, etc.

But note you already *can* change the volume of the metronome, via the View / Synthesizer.

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Yes, I know how to change the volume. That isn't the issue. The issue is that the metronome is available ONLY in real-time playback, not in the audio export function. I find it highly desirable to have the option to have the metronome as part of the audio export function. Yes, it's a feature request and I enthusiastically second the request.

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