accessibility bugs in the latest MuseScore beta

• Sep 20, 2019 - 00:33

Hi all,

First of all I would like to extend my warmest thanks for the improvements in the latest version of MuseScore.
I am going to layout the bugs that I have found out so far.

  1. In the new score wizard when selecting a key signature NVDA does not read the options when I use the up and down arrows. The work around I have found for this is to use the read current line command within NVDA.
  2. Using alt+up and down arrows to move between different voices does not announce anything with NVDA instead I am brought directly to the menu bar.
    I will let you guys know if I find anymore bugs.
    Thanks again,


Hi Brandon, and thanks for your reports!

The key signature issue is known, in fact it is actually the one main limitation I know of. The code we have in place to try to get screenreaders to read the currently selected key (changing the name of the object) worked in previous versions of NVDA but from what I can tell it seems to have stopped with 2019.2. The workaround I knew was to Alt+Tab to another program then back, which reads the whole dialog again. Your method is way better, so thanks for that! I'm adding that information to the accessibility page.

Regarding Alt+Up/Down. I'm not sure what you mean. Those work fine for me. You will be taken to the menu bar if you press Alt without also pressing Up/Down, and maybe you are accidentally letting go of Alt before pressing Up or Down, and the system is seeing the Alt by itself first? I guess this could possibly be different for different keyboards?

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