• Sep 20, 2019 - 14:14

From last night I have tried unsuccessfully to upload a new score: COME LET US SING TO THE LORD (REV). When the title comes up on Musescore upload, it is in low case lettering and not in capitals. It therefore does not upload. I even tried saving the score as (REV 19) to no avail and have reverted to the original. I pressed help and successfully submitted my query but haven't had a reply yet.
I'd be very grateful for your help


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File > Save??? Of yourse, but that is local, File Save online is on

On Windows filenames are not case sensitive, just case preserving, so a file named "File" is the same as one named "FILE" or "file".
On Linux and Mac filenamers are case sesitive though (and is running Linux).
Is may that your issue?

It may be saved already, so you need to tell MuseScore to update the existing score in that dialog

Can you attach the score here? And put a link to your score on

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