excluding one bar from a multi-bar rest.

• Sep 20, 2019 - 19:47

I'm working on reproducing the solo part of a concerto on musescore. At one point, the original has a single bar rest followed by a multi-bar rest of eight bars. I've tried to copy this but what ever I try, musescore includes the single empty bar and creates a nine bar multi-rest. I cannot find a way to copy what I have been given. (I don't know why it has been done this way or why a straight nine bar multi-bar rest wasn't written originally but I'm guessing it's connected with the orchestra)


Without seeing the score I'm not sure, but......perhaps the new "sentence" of 8 measures starts after the simple measure. if that, simply write a double measure séparation (i don't know the world in english) , like my picture LE_PENITENCIER.png

Normally the only reason for a rest to broken like this would be if there is a tempo marking, a key change, a rehearsal mark, a double bar, or other "milestone" that oen needs to see. Check the part you are copying again - I'll bet one of those is present, so just add it and you'll get what you want. If there really is nothing there to indicte why the measure breaks there, that would be highly unusual (and I'd be curious to see the score), but no matter, just right-click the measure you want excluded, select Measure Properties, and check "Exclude from multimeasure rests"

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Thanks for your help. I did try the 'exclude from multimeasure rests' and it worked but I couldn't use it as it made the whole work one bar short. I opted for a double bar before the 8 bar rest and it worked fine. I'm sure that's acceptable to the composer as it is definitely the end of a section. Thanks again!

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