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• Sep 21, 2019 - 16:44

Musescore completely messes up my score layout (Line placement, braces, text and slurs) when I upload it to my Musescore profile. Is there any way to lock/freeze the score layout in place before uploading?

Score in question (you can clearly see something is wrong here):


At first glance it looks exactly as it looks when I download the score and open it myself. can you explain what in particular you see differently? And maybe post a screenshot of what you re seeing on your system?

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Ah, that much is a known issue, only happens with small staves and when using MuseJazz or Bravura fonts. See #294384: Curly braces do not scale with staff when Bravura or MuseJazz font is used.

Note you shouldn't have needed to shrink the individual staves here. That option is only for having different staff sizes within the same score. To shrink everything uniformly, use Format /Page Settings.

But you also mentioned also lines, text, etc. As mentioned, I don't see any obvious problems there.

Perhaps Bendik is creating the score in an earlier version of MS. Then when he uploads it, the repository site renders it in the latest version.

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