Baroque "3" and "2" time signatures

• Sep 22, 2019 - 03:48

I'm transcribing a Baroque piece where the time signature is a large 3. I created a custom 3/2 time signature in the Master palette and used this to enter the notes appropriately, but I would like the score to show the big 3 rather than 3/2. I see that the "Italian and Spanish Renaissance lute tablature" subsection of the Musical Symbols dialog (Insert Special Character) has what looks like the appropriate character. How can I do this?

I also need a large 2 signature -- same issue, except that I don't think there's a ready-made symbol. (There is a 2 with a vertical line, but that isn't correct.)


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Thank you! This works, and it's also helpful to read node #281017, which is linked in the first comment. At the bottom of the latter, John mentions that the special time signatures don't load correctly. So far the file with my '3' (created in MS3 and opened twice now) is behaving itself.

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