Bug; macOS 10.13.6; Keyboard shortcut "cmd-S" leads to "Save as", not to "Save"

• Sep 22, 2019 - 13:04

OS: macOS High Sierra (10.13),
Arch.: x86_64,
MuseScore version (64-bit):,
revision: d2d863f


The following is broken in macOS:

  1. Generate a Musescore-file and save it. No matter what content it has.
  2. Go to the file-location in Finder, select the file and choose: "Duplicate".
  3. Open the duplicated file in Musescore.
  4. Alter the content, let's say delete a staff or add some notes.

  5. On "cmd-S" Musescore will open dialogue "Save as…".

Expected (as is standard):

On opening an existing MuseScore-file, after altering its content "cmd-s" should initiate save directly. Only when chossing "shift-cmd-s", the "Save as…" - Dialogue should appear.


Consider "Duplicate" in the File-Menu instead of "Save as".

Thank you for listening.


I don't have a Mac to test on, but since no one else has reported anything like this, I have to imagine there is more going on here than the shortcut lterally being connected to the wrong command by default.

How are you opening the duplicate file within MuseScore? Via File / Open from within MuseScore, or by double-clicking the score in Finder? Does Cmd+S work normally for you when not deliberaltey creating a duplicate outside of MuseScore? Eg, skip steps 2 & 3 above. After saving the original file, just make some edits, then hit Cmd+S. Does that open the dialog? If so, it's also possible somehow your shortcuts have been altered - try Edit / Preferences and hit the reset button. If not, it suggests somehow the way you created the file or opened the score within MuseScore caused it to show up with no association to the file, so we'd need to understand that better.

BTW. "Save As" is the standard menu terminology used across most applications, I don't see that changing.

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