Anout unusual time signatures

• Sep 23, 2019 - 15:55


I would like to know if it is possible to write such time signature:

2 + 3 +2

(instead 7/4)

Thank you!


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Thank you very much for reply. I would also have another question but it is not about Musescore. So …
I have a score sample by a famous living composer. The time signature is 2/4 + 1/8 and he set the metronome mark to: (Quarter = 100). How is it possible to set such metronome mark?
This time signature induces a 2 beats bar but each beat has not the same duration.
If you can explain …
We are far away from JSBach ...

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So this basically is a 5/8 time sig.
With MuseScore you can't create a 2/4+1/8 sig, but you can create a 2+1/4+2 one, using the methods described abope, and set a suitable beaming for this too.
The tempo is not a problem at all, just take an existing quarter=80 and changg that 80 into to a 100

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