superfluous accidentals

• Aug 12, 2014 - 19:46

Let's say I enter an Ab and I'm in the key of C or anything that doesn't have Ab in the keysig. So I enter the A then I click on the flat thingie and it becomes an Ab. That's great. Now suppose I want another one in the same bar. So I enter A again and it makes A with explicit natural....... no, I want it to be flat too so I click on the flat thingie for it, and now I have two Ab's in a row. I don't want the second one to have a flat symbol on it because according to the rules of music notation it is not only superfluous, but confusing and visually distracting. I had to downgrade to version 1.2 because of some issue with Mavericks on Mac. I ask if there is a work around for these extra flats because I when I charge people money for charts I want them to be shipshape.


BTW, the sharp and flats on the toolbar are for for when you when you want the shar or flat to appear no matter - even if not needed. You'd use that for courtesy accidentals, which hopefully you use regularly :-)

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