Opera Browser blocks keyboard shortcuts (e.g. Ctrl+Shift+End) in MuseScore for Windows 10

• Sep 26, 2019 - 09:00

This is not, as I first assumed, a MuseScore or Windows 10 bug, but is caused by the current Opera version. If Opera is running at the same time as MuseScore (1, 2, 3), then some keyboard shortcuts don't work anymore, e.g. Ctrl+Shift+End to mark a staff to the end. It drove me crazy, thought it was all kinds of things (keyboard drivers, Windows, Musescore, viruses etc.). I didn't think another program like Opera could be to blame.
So here's the hint to all those who have the same problem.


The solution seems to be to do the following in Opera:

Settings > Advanced > Reset Settings > "Restore settings to their original defaults"

Attention, some settings and all Opera plugins will be lost!

This bug also blocks the key combination Ctrl+Shift+End in applications other than MuseScore and also occurs under other operating systems.

So you mean that selecting up to the end by ctrl shift end in MS-Word for example, doesn't work just because opera is opened, without having focus?
Seems a famous opera bug then.

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I don't use Word, but in LibreOffice Writer Ctrl+Shift+End also didn't work while Opera was running.
Somehow it seems to be due to the profile, if you reset Opera, the problem doesn't occur anymore. At least until now.
Opera doesn't have the biggest market share, but before someone exactly has this problem and doesn't find this really crazy cause, I wanted to post it here.

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