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• Sep 26, 2019 - 14:16

Hi all,
This time I've got an issue with the distance between two specific notes that seem, at least in my eyes, bigger than it is in the rest of this small score (see attached MuS3 file)
What I call "the issue" is in measure 12 between the first and the second note where the room in between is much more than the rest, even without apparent need.
The negative implication is that it makes measure 15 to be on its own, whereas it should have been within the same system.
Is there a way for me to correct this behavior? Thanks.
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Just delete the System Breaks and let MuseScore sort out the spacing for you.

Select the measure and the following measure.
Press and hold the [Shift] key.
Press [ -> measures shrunk.

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The option of let MuS do its own spacing it's not applicable in this specific case.
As for the second option, sorry but I struggle to understand . What is the key I must press with the [SHIFT] key ?
I've tried with the arrows, but that only increase or decrease my selection.
I've tried with GREATER THAN and LESSER THAN, but that only add the CRESCENDO or DIMINUENDO symbols.
I've tried with + and LEGATURA is added, whereas the "-" doesn't seem to do anything visible.
Thanks for your patience.

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It's the left bracket. Shift+left bracket is the same as left curly brace at least on my keyboard. Seem my previous response, whatever the curly brace is on your keyboard, that what you want - but best to select the whole system first so the spacing remains uniform.

Really, I like to select the whole score before reducing stretch, things remain uniform if I change my mind about which measures go on which systems. The explicit breaks keep the change from actually doing anything until then.

FWIW, that's the only dotted half note on the system, that's why there is more space. Space allocated to note is proportional (not directly, more like logarithmically) to its duration, according to standard rules of notation.

So rather than reduce just that space, to get measure 15 on the system above, you should select the measure you want on the same system and reduce stretch (via use Format / Stretch / Decrease Layout Stretch, or shortcut "{") as needed to compress the spacing uniformly.

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