Unable to save as PDF

• Aug 12, 2014 - 20:13

So I have some great new charts. I want to save 'em as PDF so I can put them in my PDF book and put them on my ipad. I have downgraded to 1.2 because of some issue with Mavericks but I'm pretty sure I was able to do this before, even with the downgrade. Now however, the PDF's are just blank. I can work around by printing the mscz file and scanning it but this is a REALLY BIG PAIN. PLEASE ADVISE. WHEN is version 2 coming that will fix everything? Thank you.


How are you trying to save? There are definitely some issues with PDF generation on Mac, and either you need to do Save As / PDF or you need to Print and select the build in Mac PDF generator or vice versa in order to get it to work.

As for 2.0, "when it's ready". It's been said it's likely by the end of the year.

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