sharing copyrighted material with specific friends

• Sep 29, 2019 - 15:21

I would like to share copyrighted material which I wrote ( composer not me) with a fellow musician for discussion. ie score and playback. Not necessarily with the public. Is there a way? To send to him via facebook messenger.


In a previous large project we created a shared Google Drive page with folders for the various collaborators... writer, composer, arranger/musical director (me), producers, and performers. As I recall, it worked quite well, but the folders became somewhat cluttered as file versions were added, rearranged and/or deleted.

(Hint - rather than actually deleting files, move them to a specified folder. More than once we had to ask who might still have a particular version of a file that had been removed from the drive... Then we got smart.)

Also, we never quite figured out how to have Drive send alerts when files were added or updated, so at times it was necessary to message folks to check for updates.

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