Placement of dynamics

• Oct 1, 2019 - 02:15

Let's say I get to a measure I want to be forte. I go to the palette, activate the Dynamics options, double click on "f," but instead of placing that above measure in question, it appears below. I've tried using command/K (on my Mac) to insert it as if it were a chord, but that gives me a capital F, not what I want.

Also, in a previous message from Marc Sabatella, he stated "see [#54721]." Can you tell me where to look for that reference?



Dynamis are normally placed below the staff - except for vocal staves. So if that's what you are currently working on, you can flip the dynamics above by pressing "X". if the entire score is vocal - so you want the dynamics above for all staves - you can go to Format / Style / Dynamics and set the default placement to Above.

The text you mention that I posted was supposed to have turned into a link automatically, but that only works for actual issue reports, whereas that page is a "how to" article. So I should have written,

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Well, only if it's unaccompanied opera, or you aren't bothering with the instrument parts, which is indeed possible. But for the record, in a full opera score, dynamics would go below the staff for the instrumental staves, above for the vocal. Right now there is no way to make that fully automatic, best approach I think is just enter all the dynamics first, then select the full contents of the vocal staves (eg, click first measure of top vocal staff, Shift+click last measure of last vocal staff), then right click on dynamic, Select / All Similar Elements in Range Selection, then you can press "X" to flip them all above at once. Then do the same for hairpins.

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