Eternal Upload

• Oct 2, 2019 - 13:32

Please let me know if you get an error message with the attached .mscz file. It never completes uploading.

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Baby Shark.mscz 37.53 KB


I don't see any errors, I try to upload and I will report...

Score is being processed.It will automatically be displayed when finished.

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Cool, thanks for that tag. As quickly as you guys got to this, I have no doubt but they'll attend to issues pretty quick. You guys really have a good team on board. I've been in software development and support for 40 years, on my own for the past 20. Pass the appreciation. Good work.

Not sure exactly what I did to work around it, but part of the problem with the original attached file is, I had an invisible guitar part with the mixer turned up, while the visible guitar part was muted. This was to emphasize the staccato (the invisible had staccato 1/64th notes, which looked really ugly charted out).

However, I made it visible again, did more work on the score, and when I hid it again, it uploaded just fine. Could have been an anomaly, but also could be something worth fixing.

Attached is the finished product.

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Baby Shark (With Parts).mscz 109.5 KB

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