deleting a score

• Oct 2, 2019 - 19:16

I don't know how or why, but I have more than one version of some of my scores. I must have saved earlier drafts. I know which ones I want to delete by opening them but when I go to 'My Documents' there is only one version there. Is there a way I can delete what I want directly from what's displayed on musescore? I've looked at some answers and it says click the dot at the top of the page when the score is open and select 'delete score' - but I just cannot find any dots that this refers to. Thanks.


Where are you seeing these other versions if not in My Documents? Maybe you mean, they show in the list of recent files? That means they are saved somewhere on your computer but apparently not in My Documents (which wouldn't be the usual place for them anyhow - by default they go to My Document/MuseScore3/Scores). Anyhow, if you can't rememebr where you saved them, you can open one via the recent score lsit or however you've been doing it, then go to File / Score Properties, and then you will learn where it was saved.

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The multiple versions are on the opening page of musecore - where you can create a new score etc -recent scores. I have looked at File/Score properties and they are saved to Musescore 'scores' in My Documents. But, there is only one version in there - one one I want to keep. So I can't see a way of getting rid of all the clutter.

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The "opening page" is the Start Center, and is indeed showing you your recent files - same as you'd see in File / Open Recent. But if you are seeing multiple versions of a score there, then opening them up. they would have to be showing either a different folder name or a different filename. You can't have two different files with the same name in the same folder. So check more carefully, maybe post screenshots if you're having trouble spotting the difference in folder or filename.

One thing that is also possible is that some of the scores you are seeing are scores recovered after a crash via autosave. These would normally have names like "scJWRExsl" and would normally be in AppData somewhere on Windows. I guess it's possible depending on the exact order things happened in that these could be masquerading as being in your Score folder as far as Score Properties is concerned, een though they are really in AppData. Anyhow, these can be cleaned out if you go to AppData (you may have to turn on invisible folders to see it - do a web search for info on that folder), then probably Local/MuseScore/MuseScore3 depending on how your system is configured. Or you could just leave the file there, they are harmless, but clear out your recent files list via the common under File / Open Recent.

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