Playing of one voice on system with two voices.I went to File and parts and created the 4 different voices, then selected tenor. I went to mixer

• Oct 4, 2019 - 17:07

Good afternoon, I ran into a problem, I wanted to play only one of the voices on the same system. I went to


Sorry, I made a wrong move and the message took off. I'll continue.
I went to mixer and on Mute voix unabled voice 2 . So only voice should play, this went well unto measure 3 there are the same notes for both voice, after these notes both voices continued playing. At measure 17 things got even worse, one note continued playing all the time. I hope I made myself clear. I know it is not very often that a situation like the one described happens, but it is a handicap. Is this a known problem? Thanks goudse

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