drum sticking

• Oct 8, 2019 - 21:49

I think there needs to be sticking like "L" "R" in musescore


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Then make sure you're using 3.2.3, the latest stable version.

In some cases workspaces can save menus with them as well; so if you're on a custom workspace (or MDL for example) that could be the reason. If so, switch back to Basic/Advanced workspace.

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When you create a custom workspace, by default menus aren't included in it. So by default it is available in other workspaces. Only when you there check to include the current menu into the workspace, and the menu at that point doesn't have the entry, will you "miss" the command.
I believe this is the case for MDL, where the extension creator included the menu (and GUI preferences) into the workspace for some reason.

If you have a workspace that included the menu and want to get rid of that setting; then manual intervention is required at this point in time.
1. Close MuseScore
2. Locate the relevant workspace file (for windows it is under %LOCALAPPDATA%\MuseScore\MuseScore3\workspaces)
3. rename it from .workspace to .zip and extract it
4. Open the included workspace.xml with a text editor
5. Find and remove the <MenuBar> section and remove it (or alternatively rearrange it to your liking)
6. save it, rezip and rename back to .workspace

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