Piano Composition - Multiple Staves Question

• Oct 9, 2019 - 00:01

I am currently making a piano transcription and I have encountered a problem. You see some parts of the score require the piano part to be divided into three staves and other parts can be condensed into the regular two stave Grand Staff.
How can I make certain sections of the music appear as just two staves while still keep other sections that require three staves?
Edit>Instruments won’t work because if I delete the middle staff (which is the third staff)
It deletes the entirety of the third staff throughout the score. How can I make some parts appear as a third staff and others just as two, without deleting the staff from the entire score?
Thank you!


Open instruments by pressing i. Select the staff above where you want the 3rd staff to be inserted and click "Add staff" (not "Add linked staff") and a staff will be added below it. Click OK. Add all of the notes you need on the third staff then right click the staff and select staff/part properties. In select staff/part properties select the drop down for "Hide when empty:" and change this to "Always". This will make that staff invisible on any system with no notes. This means you need to enter the notes before you make the staff invisible. You can of course turn this on and off as needed until the entire score is entered then set the invisible to always when you are done.

Note: if you want the new staff on top, click the first staff, add the staff, select it and move it up with the arrow button in the dialog box.

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