Printing when first page is not 1

• Oct 9, 2019 - 16:06

I have a long score divided into four separate MuseScore 3 files. When I want to print from any page that's not in the first file (that is, when the first page is not numbered '1'), it's difficult. I'm looking at the page I want to print; let's say it shows the page number 48 but counts as the 23rd page in the file (second out of my four files). I have to figure out that it's page 23, which involves manually counting the pages so that I can enter '23' in the print dialog. The 'Current Page' option is grayed out in the print dialog (why?) so that won't work even if I only want one page. If I want to print several pages, there's no choice but to manually figure out the appropriate page numbers. Is there some easier way to do this?

In some applications, the status bar shows the page you are viewing, such as '23/59' ; if MuseScore did this it would be easy to print. Other apps let you enter the number as displayed on the page when printing. Thoughts?


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Yes, that will work, although ideally the extra step wouldn't be needed. I often edit one or two pages intensely and want to print out my work. Printing the current page (even done twice) would be easy, and that's a pretty standard option; so I wonder why it's not available in MuseScore.

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