Create note with tie back

• Oct 10, 2019 - 09:10

Pretty straightforward: How to create a note and (depending on some rules) add a tie back to it? It does not seem possible to mess around with the tieBack property of the Note element, as it is read only.


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I just realized than running cmd('tie') in my plugin does add a tie from a note to the next, but only to the note previously selected (clicked) in the GUI. If no note is selected, it does not do anything. Is there a way to explicitly instruct which note should the cmd affect?

FYI, if anyone else is trying to get this to work; I did manage to do so. Code snip below. Full qml which did it attached. Code snip was run against a measure with three D notes on it, starting with the whole measure selected.

if(oCursor.element.type === Element.CHORD) {
iTk = oCursor.tick;
console.log("\n------------------------------ | CHORD at Tick ", iTk," | ------------------------------");
console.log("---- Chord Contains <", oCursor.element.notes.length,"> Note\n");
// Try adding a tie
// select a single note - NOTE: will clear the range selection.
var oNote2Tie = oCursor.element.notes[0];
var bNoteSelectionOk = false;
bNoteSelectionOk =[0], false);
if (!bNoteSelectionOk) {
console.log(" ***** ERROR **** SELECTION RETURNED FALSE");
else {
console.log("We should have now selected a single note, so now add a tie");
// Re-establish the selection range and go look for the tie we added
if(oCursor.element.type === Element.CHORD) {
if(oCursor.element.notes[0].tieForward != null) {
var oTieStartNote = oCursor.element.notes[0].tieForward.startNote;
var oTieEndNote = oCursor.element.notes[0].tieForward.endNote;
console.log("---- ---- Note [", 0, "] has a Tie Forward: startNote Pitch <", oTieStartNote.pitch, "> endPitch <", oTieEndNote.pitch, ">");

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Not being able to tie backwards weakens the rhythm input mode
since you can't create ties to notes of different values during input, which means,
you have to add the ties afterwards.

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