HAUPTWERK doesn't work under MacOS CATALINA!

• Oct 10, 2019 - 15:48

No, this has nothing to do with MuseScore, except that everyone I know who uses Hauptwerk uses MuseScore, and I am the responsible party for the document here connecting the two. If your Mac is your Hauptwerk machine, avoid Catalina until Milan Digital Audio addresses this (the problem is rooted, as it were, in the end of support for apps making subdirectories of the root, where Hauptwerk had put its world.) I have notified Milan.


One can get a little further by privileged-access editing of a locations file in the app directory (changing locations), and even further by copying dozens of gigabytes to a writeable place, but there are still major challenges and the USB dongle doesn't work. Wait for Milan to respond.

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In specific, with root access (admin won't do), and appropriate sysadmin skills, you can chgrp and chown the relocated Hauptwerk work directory image in /Users/Shared/Relocated\ Items/Security/Hauptwerk to staff and yourself, and change the necessary paths in /Applications/Hauptwerk/FileLocations.FileLocations_Hauptwerk_xml [sic] to point to locations in it (you'll have to chgrp/chown that file, too, and maybe chmod if I recall), and you can get as far as running the eval configurations (ran Giubiasco), which in advanced Eval gives you annoying bells every 30 seconds. Waiting for an answer from Milan on the dongle, although these file manipulations are not for the weak of heart.

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Milan Digital Audio (apparently in response to my report) has published a notice here http://forum.hauptwerk.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=17726 , (for the nonce) advising against upgrade to Catalina, while promising resolution "as soon as possible". The post also suggests steps subsequent to re-install (e.g., relocating the work folder at configuration time), but I doubt that this solves the USB dongle/license problem, as other third-party kernel extensions (drivers) have been shut down by Catalina.

All is good again. Gemalto has published a new USB License key driver: http://www.downloadhauptwerk.com/osx ("driver" link at bottom). Install this, and, if you moved the Hauptwerk directory around in the ways I described earlier, Hauptwerk "werks" like a charm under Catalina.

I moved the Hauptwerk tree (not the app) to /Users/Shared/Hauptwerk (new), because the first Apple update to Catalina had moved it from (get this) "Relocated\ Items" to "Previously\ Relocated\ Items"! This should keep it safe. It comes up now in fully-licensed mode and works like a charm.

Hauptwerk version 5 (available now; special substantial discount for Version 4 licensees) runs in Catalina without problem.

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