Odd audio problem...

• Oct 13, 2019 - 00:35

While working on a score (ver. 2.3.2) I would twice notice the sound cut off and the app froze. Firefox alerted me with MS "not responding" . I could not "x" out until finally asked by Firefox. I went to the .com site to see if the audio would work there. It did not, so I assumed the problem was within my audio system connection which was fixed (thus far.) But...

...why would the app freeze? (When prompted it turns white and the blue circle spins.)


FireFox should have nothing to do with the notation software at all; so to me, your post doesn't make sense. Let's hope someone else understands it better.

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I see...Thanks. I only mentioned Firefox because often one is asked what browser is used.

I hear a click in my headphones and the sound stops on the app. I check for sound on other sources, such as the .com site and it is also silent, so I know I have an audio problem not exclusive to the 2.3.2 app. But what I do not understand is why the app freezes when the audio cuts out.

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Are you changing sounds or hearing a sound for the first time at this point in the score? It sounds like your computer might be running low on resources and it's taking a second to load a new sound to play back. I have experienced something similar in large orchestral scores where I'm using multiple sound fonts.

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