Volume of Instruments

• Oct 13, 2019 - 00:41

In playing around with Musescore 3, I've come to realize that multiple of the same instrument playing the same melody has the same volume as that of just a single instrument of the same type playing said melody. Is there anyway that I could make the instruments sound louder when all of them are playing at once?


You can select the notes you want louder (select a section of measures, open the inspector by pressing F8 and click the "Notes" button). You can then set the velocity type to offset (velocity is basically the midi term for volume) and set the velocity number to something larger than 0 to make it louder (I suggest you start at 10 or 15). This number will be added to the velocity set in the dynamics. 127 is the largest number that will be played.

What I do is load a few sound fonts. I use one sound font for instrument 1 (set this in the mixer), another for instrument 2 and so forth. This makes it sound like several instruments playing rather than 1 louder instrument.

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