Edit String Misbehavior for an Ukulele Tab staff

• Oct 13, 2019 - 19:41

This problem appeared sometime in the past few weeks. Not sure exactly how long ago I last used it and it worked, but not months ago.

In short, the Edit String function seems to be stuck editing the 1st string even thought you select the 4th string to edit. I was trying to change the staff from a High G (string 4 = G4) to a Low G (string 4 = G3).

To reproduce:
1. Create a new score
2. Choose Add Instruments
3. Change from Common to All Instruments
4. Choose an Ukulele (Low G) staff
5. Select the just added Ukulele staff and add a linked staff
6. Change the linked staff type from Standard to Tab ukulele (for a working staff to observe)
7. Also add another (not linked) Ukulele Tab staff (this will be the misbehaving staff)
8. Finish the song setting up. None of the remaining things matter.

The provided .mscz file is from this point. The remainder of steps below are to observe the problem.

  1. Right click on the Ukulele (Low G) staff and choose Staff/Part Properties
    1. Click Edit String Data
    2. Notice that the 4th string says G3. That is correct for a Low G. High G is G4.
      So this staff successfully inherited the string info from the linked Ukulele (Low G) staff.
      This is just to see how it should look after finishing the attempt to make the other tab staff a Low G staff
    3. Cancel String Data and Cancel Staff/Part Properties
    4. Right click on the Ukulele tab staff (Not the linked one)
    5. Choose Staff/Part Properties
    6. Click Edit String Data
    7. Note that string 4 says G4 (as it should for a High G Uke)
    8. Click the select box for string 4
    9. Click Edit String
    10. Note that it comes up with A4 highlighted
      This used to come up with G3 highlighted which would make sense for editing the 4th string
    11. Click on G3 to change it to an Ukulele Low G and say OK
    12. Note that the 4th string still says G4, and 1st string now says G3 instead of A4.
    13. If you accept this change, the staff will behave as if the first string had been changed to G3.

At least as recently as a few weeks ago this used to work correctly.

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Oops... This is my first report. I didn't give any of my environmental info.
I'm on a PC running Windows 10 version 1903.
I'm running MuseScore version
I think that's all that's relevant?

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Please, get to the point, I don't understand the last steps (from 19 to 22). Please rewrite these specific last steps very precisely and check again what you do. As far as I know, there has been no change in the editing of strings and ukuleles for a very long time.

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Not sure I know how to be more explcit in those steps. The point is that I want to change String 4, and when I try to do that, it changes String 1.

So trying again in a more narrative description: When you select String 4 and then poke Edit String, it comes up with A4 highlighted. That's the current note for String 1, not String 4. A few weeks back, it would have had G4 (the String 4 note) highlighted. If you assume that it's a mistake that it's showing the wrong current note and it is indeed about to change String 4, and you click on G3 and say OK, it ends up showing that indeed String 1 was changed from A4 to G3. There doesn't seem to be a way to edit String 4. No matter which string you select, it changes String 1.

I just tried again but I selected String 3 just to be sure it wasn't something specific about trying to edit String 4. Again on poking Edit String, it came up with A4 highlighted (rather than C4 which is the current note for String 3). So again charging ahead assuming it was going to change the selected string I poked C3 and clicked OK. Again, it showed that String 1 had been changed to C3 instead of String 3. The behavior is as if it is disregarding the string selection check boxes and is taking a default selection of String 1.

So, it behaves as if only String 1 can be edited.

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Ok, so a new mistake, confusion related to the "Open" feature/display in String Data. Like this recent one: https://musescore.org/en/node/295470#comment-950076
Specifically, your mistake is in step #17 : "Click the select box for string 4"
You are not supposed to check "Open", left column, in front of the string name (we don't have to do this, it's another function - see link above), but, in right column, select the note name itself, G4 (Pitch), which becomes highlighted etc.

I, too, am running Windows 10 version 1903 with MuseScore version

Here's what I see:


For #4 in my image above, does 'Pitch' G4 (i.e., the fourth string) turn blue when you select it?

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