• Oct 14, 2019 - 04:01

If I'm understanding this correctly, ambitus is two notes played simultaneously. Which is exactly what I need but I keep clicking and dragging and I don't know how to insert it.
Please tell me how to insert an ambitus. on measure 28

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An ambitus is a guide located at the beginning of a vocal song to indicate the range of the notes in the song. This was used in very old music when pitches were more relative than they are now so a singer would know which note they should start on and not end up having notes outside of their range. It can be misused by placing it on instruments, and doesn't (and shouldn't) play back, that's why it's in the lines palette.

Two notes played at the same time are called a chord and are entered the same way you did in mm 6-7. By the way, how do you expect a bari sax to play a chord?

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