map different note heads to different instruments resp. variants

• Oct 14, 2019 - 18:59

I have a couple of scores for choirs where cross notes are used for "non-tonal" sounds like hand clapping or finger snapping.
Would it be possible to map these notes (note heads) to a different sound bank, in order to get a more realistic idea of the overall sound?
About the usage I could imagine that an instrument change could be provided for the first appearance of a cross (or whatever else) note head and that from that position all notes with this head will be played using this instrument. (In case of a percussion instrument, a fix note value should be possible to define in order to get a defined sound).


I often use that : I double this passage,: for the players, I make the notes in silent with the inspector, and I add a new stave with , for exemple, the clap Hand which is very good in MS, and I make this stave invisible. In the link I put , you have this at 1 ' 50 '', and I don't make the clap Hand's stave invisible, it is at the bottom. The players have the cross heads

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