End bar line does not appear when remove extra bar(s) after double bar line.

• Oct 20, 2019 - 20:28

I deleted an ending which was 1 bar long. Initially I had a double bar line there because there was a DS 1 bar before that ending.

I saw that I could just keep the DS and have the fine in the 1st bar of the DS, so I deleted the bar.

Result: double bar line kept.
Expected: Double bl. replaced by end bl.


I don't agree that this is a bug. It is normal (but not universal) that if the last measure of a score has a D.S., it also has a double bar rather than and end double bar. Since you have replaced the default barline, MuseScore does not override your input when you delete the empty measures at the end. I agree with this function but other opinions are welcomed.

Result: double bar line kept.

This is not unexpected.
Since you added the double barline MuseScore honors it. Even though you might delete the following (last) measure, the software can't be sure if you are actually finished. Perhaps you will continue by adding more measures. Perhaps not. Only you know for sure. So the double barline remains.

Maybe a "do as I mean" command would be useful in these situations? ;-)


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