Drumming: Change instrument audio per note

• Oct 22, 2019 - 13:10

I use MuseScore 3 for bass and tenor drumming. You can see an example of scores attached. The Blue notes are the big bass drum, but the other colours are individual pitches on the tenors. I appreciate I could add more instruments, but having it in this orientation suits us. Therefore it would be really useful to change the instument audio either as a property or based on note colour or something similar. That way the D, F and Bb drums can all be kept on one line but I can use the playback features appropriately.

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Use noteheads (there are about 10 to choose from) to indicate the different drums on the same line. Colors are not normally used in music and have no affect on playback.

What type of ensemble is this exactly?

Show style marching band?

What style of tenor drums are you writing for? 3 drum multi-tenors?

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