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• Oct 31, 2019 - 13:48

To the MuseScore team,

I just realised that I have always wished for on MuseScore is a special edition made for modern artists that focuses on Synths, Vocals, Percussion, Bass’ and Electronic instruments(This could be like an extension Like MuseScore DrumLine or it could be an Artist Special version).
One last thing that I would really suggest is for MuseScore 4 or v3.6 or a future version(maybe you could add a 2020 new year special edition) to have MuseScore able to respond better to text,
For example;
Being able to sing using a built-in computer voice(using a new input type for text; lyrics type, could be an extension )

And being able to understand text inputs like ‘poco a poco’(should be built-in)
All of my suggestions in short, is in the title.

That is all I wish to suggest, and please reply and consider my ideas,
Thank you

P.S. All my suggestions above are probably making MuseScore into something like an auto DAW that could sing for itself without being recorded.
2nd P.S. These suggestions are making MuseScore a really large download file. My solution to that is to zip the dog or the exe or the thing that Linux uses, or you could make all the suggestions extensions.


I really like your ideas, but I think that your suggestions are rather too ambitious. I definitely think that you should be able to put in text inputs such as "poco a poco" and have it be understood and played. However, I am not sure of the built-in computer voice. I am not sure if computers can be able to not only read text, but also add in a "musical sense" into the words, as singing is hardly only reading off lyrics. Using singing requires the singer to sings to a specific melody and harmony. Maybe instead, there can be an option to record someone singing the voice and have that be an instrument. That way, all the MuseScore instruments can be playing while a voice can be singing. But what I think could be feasible is for MuseScore to be able to scat sing using a certain group of prerecorded syllables such as "la" or "so" according to the melody, harmony, and rhythm. Good suggestions though.

I recommend you ask this on the site rather than the forums, as that is the place where you would most likely get a response.

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The forums are definitely the place for the original post in this thread since this is where the programmers "hang out." The site maintainers, mostly use the program developed by these people and tie it into their site with few functional changes.

As for the "poco a poco..." request, that's already possible. Create a custom line (hairpin) with the proper text and set the appropriate Dynamics method for your interpretation of poco a poco... and you will get the playback. Also keep in mind you need to tell MuseScore what the destination dynamic is (p, ff, mf etc...) or the amount of change by entering a velocity change for the hairpin. You can reuse the custom line all you want. At times I do just this.

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