Lyrics and pasting

• Nov 2, 2019 - 09:03

EDIT: I'm sure I posted this to the wrong forum section. Admins, please move this to the support section.

When writing music with lyrics, I sometimes need to paste unicode characters into lyrics e.g. letters with accents. Unfortunately, it seems that pasting into lyrics—while certainly possible—causes the program to automatically jump to the next note, which is annoying when I want to add further characters to the previous lyric e.g. Wer reitet so spät.

Is it possible to paste a lyric without it jumping to the next note?


What country/language/operating system are you working in, Fugal? In MS Windows, setting your keyboard to "US International" will provide the accents and diacritic used in most Western European languages (although Czech, Turkish, or Vietnamese would be a problem.)

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