Changing Roman Numeral Analysis Settings

• Nov 2, 2019 - 12:43

I want Roman Numeral Analysis Symbols on the staff and the size is 16.00 pt.

I tried to change the settings at;

1) Format - Style - Text Styles - Roman Numeral Analysis
2) Inspector

Both don't work.

How to do that?


Campania is your only choice right now. I created a staff text cut and paste template in MuseJazz that you can use. Originally some of the superscripts were in bold because I created it in v2.3.2 but they are no longer necessary my bad. They can be "unbolded" (is that a word?)

Highlight the text first in Campania then try resize.
DOUBLECLICK-SHIFT-ARROW(in the direction you want to go)

E :)

As mentioned, you need Campania or some other font that is specially designed for RN (there a couple of others you might be able to find in a web search). But changing size certainly works, both via the Inspector and Format / Style / Text Styles.

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I set size and offset at either of;

1) Format - Style - Text Styles - Roman Numeral Analysis (Size works but offset does not work at all.)
2) Inspector (It's positioned below the place where I want. I want them on the staff.)

Then I write Roman Numerals and see It does not work.


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Use the Inspector instead for offset. Just as with Staff vs Expression text, there is some slight discrepancy between the meaning offset settings for RNA Roman Numeral Analysis vs Chord Symbols, because they are both the same element type, just different text styles. Note if you want it to appear on staff, you'll also need to set minimum distance to allow it, unless the staff lines are invisible.

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The backslash is specific to Campania. So it works with any application in any context where Campania is being used.

I don't understand the second question. Campania's superscripting etc is built into the font. There are no different size settings except by changing the overall font size to be smaller using the normal controls of MuaeScore or whatever program you wish to use the font with (eg, using the Inspector in MuseScore).

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