Different slashes for slash chords & placeholder slashes

• Nov 4, 2019 - 03:01


It would be great if there was a specific symbol that functions as the chord symbol "placeholder" slash. Currently, the forward slash kind of holds this functionality, but in my opinion it is a little too vertical in nature and aligned a little too low by default.

I have attached a screenshot that shows this kind of slash in the Real Book, and how it differentiates from the Chord/Bass notation used in slash chords, as well as what MuseScore is currently capable of doing.

Jer Roque

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MuseScore uses the standard SMuFL definition for fonts. Try the Special Characters palette - press F2 while editing text to display it - and see if you can find anything in Musical Symbols. If not, then someone would have to request such a symbol be added to the standard.

Meanwhile, though, just because one particular editor of one particular book chose to draw the slashes differently, I'm not so sure that really means there needs to be a new character for this. Most people would normally use the same kind of slash.

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