Pan score setting?

• Nov 4, 2019 - 14:46

Due to the nature of the project I have been working on for the last eighteen months, my scores often alternate between one- and two-systems per page. In playback, pan score works fine following the score down to the second system, but then rather than panning up to the top of the next page, MS pans over to the empty panel on the next page.

I only notice this behaviour when there are alternating pages of single/multiple systems. If I hide the as-yet empty drum staff, and there are consistent two-system pages, the score pans properly.

See the attached sketch as an example.

Is there some setting I am missing here?

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Do you mean during playback, or while editing? I couldn't reproduce a problem, but it could have to do with your zoom settings, if you are set up so MuseScore is having trouble figuring out which staff you want to track, it can guess very badly at times. Should work more reliably in these cases if your zoom setting allows a full system to always fit on screen.

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That's it! Thanks so much, Marc! (and yes, I'm referring to playback) I normally work at 75% zoom, and hadn't noticed that I still had this score at 100. At 100% the score does not adjust vertically when it pans across to the new page. At 75% it performs exactly as expected.
I still think this is a bit of a glitch, though. Shouldn't MS realize when the measures being played are outside the display area of the window?

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Oh... and just for fun, try deleting the A in the strings in measure 21, then play the score. The tied A before the first volta will play right through the empty measure in the second ending! Tying into the first volta is now honoured into the second. Is this a new bug? (or a feature)

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It's a bug for sure, but a much trickier one than first appears. The code responsibility for repositioning the screen has absolutely no idea what is actually going on when it is asked to do so, it is simply given an element and told "position the screen to keep this element in view". In cases where there are multiple systems in view at once but only partially, there is no simple way for it to know which staff you want to follow. I'm not saying it can't ever be fixed, but it's known to be a difficult problem to solve.

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