Note only read option for visually impaired (ignore all dynamics and other markings -- just read the notes)

• Nov 5, 2019 - 15:00

Is there a note only read option? I was playing around with the audio options of 3.3, and wanted to see what my friend thought.

She was only interested in getting the note values correct on the piano. Everything else was a distraction.

(Ironically, I am wondering if that is why I compose the way I do with no markings other than the notes. I never even thought of that until she suggested this....)


There is currently no such option, but of course such an option could be if there is sufficient demand. We could even consider changing it to just do that by default. The reading of additional information was implemented before we had a way to navigate to those elements directly, so it was the only way to hear that information. Now that we have Alt+Left/Right, it's a bit redundant. But still useful when not using those commands.

My sense from working with a number of blind musicians is that they tend to just move on quickly - once they hear what they need, they navigate to the next element. So we focused on listing the information in decreasing order of importance to facilitate that.

If I understand........ make a copy of your work, and in this copy, delete all you don't want. It takes a few seconds to delete all articulations or text or lignes etc.......

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